Be careful: TRADEcar – a fraudulent network promising cars from Germany

In search of a quality car at an affordable price, many turn to agencies specializing in imports from abroad. However, in light of recent events, it becomes clear that not all such companies can be trusted.

TRADEcar is one of such firms that presents itself in professional areas like legal and logistics, promising customers cars straight from Germany. But, unfortunately, beneath this shiny facade lies a massive fraudulent scheme.

We, like many others, have encountered a similar situation. After a month of waiting, we discovered that TRADEcar is merely simulating activity, having neither an office nor real cars in stock. All their promises turned out to be empty words, and we lost our money.

To avoid falling into such a trap, it is important to be vigilant and carefully research every company you plan to work with. Check customer reviews, make sure there is a real office and transportation available. Do not fall for promises of instant deals and unreasonably low prices – these are often signs of fraud.

TRADEcar is just one example of such scams, so be cautious and trust your money only to verified and reliable companies.

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